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Thank you to our grand-daughter, Sydney, (pictured at right), for reminding us all that the sun will shine again, the grass will turn green and the piles of snow, bitterly cold weather and the sloppy March mud will soon go away. New baby calves and lambs will start to dot the landscape on our farm as we make our annual start to a new grazing season. I could write several more paragraphs complaining about the horrible weather we've endured the last several months. If you don't believe me, take a tour of Iowa and see all the unharvested corn still standing in the fields from last fall.

Yes, we talk a lot about the weather in Iowa.  I've often said if Iowans didn't talk about the weather, the state would go dead silent. Maybe that would be an exaggeration, but take note of how often if comes up in conversations.  Even on a grander scale where the buzz word, “Global Warming”, which now is being referred to as “Climate Change,” dominates much of our world-wide news. Folks, I have news for you, Climate Change was actually invented in Iowa some five million years ago. If you don't believe me, monitor Iowa weather for a while. Believe me, the “climate changes” every few days. I should inform you, that, two days prior to me writing this newsletter, temperatures were nearing the sixties and spring was knocking on the door.  Last night we had nearly six inches of snow and it seems winter has decided to stay around a little bit longer. 


According to Bill

Do you suspect that the 99 gazillion dollars being spent to try and stimulate the economy might not make it to your bank account? Do you have doubts that the political leadership in our country that has miss-managed their budgets so badly, that they will go down as the most bankrupt business in history, that magically creates money, financing much of our country using funds from a communist government and expects toddlers barely able to speak and those unborn to repay for their arrogance and greed throughout their lifetimes. Well welcome to our reality. Frustrating isn’t it? We need to think about the real cost of our products and services. The American mentality of get-it-cheap or better yet, buy it below the cost of production at your local Big Mart, sends jobs overseas, crushes rural businesses and increases our immense US debt that is now largely financed by The First Bank of China. It's time to start taking actions to support a more sustainable economy on our own. Here's a thought. In the coming months, every time you get a chance, try buying some food locally produced. Maybe at your local farmer's market, maybe through a CSA or other food co-op. Maybe choose a farmer of your own, buy a quarter of a steer, a half of a hog, some hamburger. Yes, I know it will probably cost a little more(maybe), but remember the value of a dollar spent in your own community and the multiplier effect is has on the local economy. A hundred dollars spent by you will likely have a bigger financial impact then a million dollars by the government, sad but true. Channel your frustation with our bumbling, corrupt political system into positive sustainable solutions. Buy local, buy American, support our country, create some local jobs, some local wealth. And best of all, make new friends while you're at it. Or, send more of your hard earned tax dollars off to Washington and they'll “take care of you”.


              I’m hearing that quite a bit and for good reason.  I publicly stated it would go on sale March 1.  Well, getting this book published has been a story in itself.             

              From the git-go, we made up our minds we would “self publish”. That is, we would do everything we could possibly do on our own and only hire a professional publishing firm to actually print the book.  When I say “we,”  I’m referring to our professional staff made up of our managing editor/computer coordinator/art design specialist, Jill Schaben(our youngest daughter), aspiring author, me, and the person in charge of making sure something actually got done and done right, my wife Mary.

              I believe I have carried out my share and yes, there was the incident of coffee spilt on copy and I swear I don’t know where the chocolate donut stains came from but I did what I could do.

              Jill, who basically has coordinated the whole project and without whose efforts, this book would never have been printed, has worked hard for several months during her spare moments. 

              Though  Mary and I have been hitched for 34 years as of last Saturday, there are still some things I didn’t know about her. I did not know that she could sit down and read a complete novel, straight through, multiple times and pick up errors each time. This is no easy task as most of us start reading right through the errors the second and third time.  Try it sometime yourself on just one paragraph and you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, last week we received the “this is your last chance to correct any mistakes” copy from the publishing company and darn if Mary didn’t find eight more errors. Small errors, yet still, 6th grade teachers like Mrs. Beaman hold their standards high.

              So, the book is now in the hands of the printers and if the pages are all upside-down and printed in a foreign language we have only ourselves to blame, no more corrections will be allowed. We don’t think this will happen and the book will be what it is, a team effort to create the best book we could that will give readers an enjoyable read.

              And quite frankly, it has been a total success already. We've gotten scores of emails, phone calls and personal inquiries from people we've never met and old friends and relatives. Just communicating with them about the book and their stories has been a tremendous experience. It seems, everybody has a story to tell and we love hearing yours. Email us anytime.

              So sorry we’re late, but the books are expected to arrive any day now and we have a bunch of them to get delivered.  I can’t wait to see them but I have already been warned by staff members that no coffee or donuts will be allowed within one hundred feet of the books!

Last December, a Nigerian student/terrorist, attempted to blow up an airplane headed for Detroit. No, that's not funny and thank God that no one was hurt but the terrorist and thanks to the brave souls who tackled him.  The terrorist supposedly had the bomb apparatus hidden in his underwear.  None of this is news to those of you reading this newsletter but here is some information that I've discovered that you didn't hear in the press:

What brand of underwear was the bomber wearing? “ Fruit of the Boom”.

I sent this story to a fellow “pun-slinger” in Texas, Pecos Brad, and he immediately fired back with further data:

Upon being captured, authorities took the terrorist into custody and immediately “de-briefed” him.  He went on to say that Barbra “Boxer” was in charge of the debriefing.

Think you can out-pun the Pun-Slingers? Send me your best entry for a pun that involves our new health care bill just passed by congress.. There will be a prize later(much later).

Have a good one, Bill

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